Starting a consulting business involves a particular set of legal considerations. These include choosing the proper business entity, obtaining licenses and permits, working with tax issues, preparing policy statements and contracts, getting adequate insurance, and dealing with employees.

CA for registration and license consulting

A Chartered Accountant can handle finances in a much more efficient manner than a non-CA entrepreneur. Managing your finances yourself can lead to reporting errors as well as losses due to poor financial decisions. A professional CA will offer you sound financial advice, and at the same time, help you lay out a robust business plan for the future. He will also help you with taxation. He may assist you to effectively reduce your overall tax burden while ensuring that you are in line with all tax laws.

Keep in mind that the term “consulting business” can cover a broad range of activities. Some consultants primarily work in their own offices; others work in other people’s offices or at indoor or outdoor job sites. Moreover, some consultants are, in one or another legal sense, “professionals;” for example, they may be licensed by the State. In reading through this article, you should make allowances for your particular kind of consulting.

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